Find the corrected past papers for Bac 2024 in maths and specialized physics-chemistry in the app ūüí™

With this BAC section on our app, you will be able to:

Access the corrections of the BAC 2024 subjects ūüĒĖūüďÉ

Practice on the BAC 2024 subjects ‚úÖ

Watch explanatory videos to understand how to get 20/20 ūüé•

All PDFs with written answers ūüéď

Why 1

Everything you need for pass your BAC 2024 successfully

The new reform has disrupted the programs and it is now difficult for students to find their way. What's on the program? What are the exercises and classic methods? Don't panic! Studeo is the online math course application that supports its students and allows them to pass their math BAC with flying colors!

Why 1

The corrected BAC 2024 past papers for the following regions in Maths and PC

  • Metropolis

  • Polynesia

  • Asia

  • New Caledonia

  • Overseas centers

  • North America

Why 1

A preview of what you can get in Physics-Chemistry!

  • 40+ Physics-Chemistry exercise videos

  • Corrections of the Bac 2022 and 2023 past papers

  • For the North America and Asia regions

  • Ideal for practicing for the Bac and getting 20/20

A preview of what you can get in Maths!

  • 30+ Maths exercise videos

  • Corrections of the Bac 2022 and 2023 past papers

  • Ideal for practicing for the Specialized Maths Bac

Why 1

All the PDF resources for each correction video

Browse all corrections in PDF format

For each Maths and Physics-Chemistry correction video, we also offer written corrections so you can read and memorize them better.

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Thanks to our past papers section, you can:

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Get a Bac with Honors

Get the bac with the best possible honors thanks to our corrected past papers.

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Prepare for higher education

Prepare your future successfully: Complete follow-up on our application to help you reach the best universities and schools after the BAC.

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Get tips and advice

Save time with our useful tips and tricks throughout the year.

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Discover a methodology

Effective study methods that are easily replicable in 100% of cases.

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Help each other

Practice with the Studeo community.